Tools to Keep on Hand in Your Car

When you're making a winter survival kit for your car, include a notepad and pens. This might not seem beneficial, but you can leave notes on your windshield in case you walk away from your car and write down information that a tow truck dispatch company gives you if you call for help in San Marcos.

A small air compressor can be kept in your car so that you can add air to your tires. Cold air can make the pressure in your tires decrease. You might not even know that your tires have a lower pressure unless you have them checked by Jordan Motorcars San Marcos or you check them yourself. The compressor can also be used to put air in a spare tire so that it's safe to drive on until you can reach a gas station or your home.

Put a few tools in a plastic bag so that you have them for repairs that need to be made to various parts of your car. Some of the items that you want to include are a screwdriver, a wrench, a tool to pull fuses from your car, extra fuses, and duct tape in case a hose is leaking.

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