Don't Let These Seemingly Harmless Practices Be Car-Theft Bait

Have you ever left your car running to quickly go inside of a store or your home to grab something that you forgot? It seems harmless enough, but a couple of minutes is plenty of time for a thief to hop inside of your vehicle and be down the road before you even have time to notify the police. Protect your vehicle with these tips.

Never leave your keys inside the car unattended. It's too easy for a thief to hop inside and take back to their place or simply for a joy ride. You should also close all windows and the sunroof, lock the doors, and make sure that you remove any extra sets that you might have.

Also, be careful about what you leave inside of the vehicle. Don't leave valuables inside and keep the registration somewhere other than the glove box. Find a secret hiding place so that selling it under the pretense of a legal sale is more difficult.

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